April 15, 2022

Astana Hub is the largest international technology park of IT start-ups in Central Asia.

Astana Hub is the largest international technology park of IT start-ups in Central Asia. Conditions for free development of Kazakhstani and foreign technology companies are created here. The technopark was created on behalf of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan as part of the fifth direction – the development of an innovative ecosystem – the state program “Digital Kazakhstan”.

Astana Hub presented 2 startup development programs: acceleration and incubation. Unlike the incubation program, the acceleration program allows the development of startups in an accelerated format at an early stage. Projects that meet the selection requirements are provided with tools to accelerate business performance: mentoring from successful entrepreneurs, tracking, 300 hours of training and consultations, networking with the best teams in the market, part-time developers, free office space and PR promotion in the media.
Participants of the project of a comprehensive incubation development program will be prepared for acceleration in the Astana Hub technopark. To do this, participants have access to: a single coworking space, assistance in attracting investments, access to a knowledge base, consultations from experts and promotion in the media.
Residents of Astana Hub have the opportunity to develop prototypes and engage in research work in the Sheberkhan prototyping laboratory and R&D centers of domestic and foreign IT companies. The technopark also promotes acquaintance and interaction between representatives of the Kazakhstani and foreign IT communities, thanks to networking events, master classes and training sessions.
Companies that carry out activities within the framework of the List of Priority Activities approved by the Order of the Minister of Digital Development, Defense and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 11, 2019 No. 37/НҚ can become Astana Hub participants.
In July 2018, a law on venture financing was adopted, which protects the parties to risky transactions and provides for simplified visa and labor regimes for foreign participants in the Astana Hub international technopark.
The hub is subject to English law and a special tax regime for both Kazakhstani and foreign participants.
On December 27, 2018, the President of Kazakhstan signed a law that exempts Astana Hub participants from certain taxes: PIT*, CIT**, VAT*** and social tax for non-residents.
* 0% CIT – Individual Income Tax for employees of Astana Hub participants **0% CIT – Corporate Income Tax, including on:
– income of Astana Hub participants in the form of property received free of charge from venture funds;
– income of venture funds in the form of property received free of charge, intended for transfer to the participants of the Astana Hub;
– dividends and capital appreciation: for residents -0%, for non-residents 5% (less than 3 years), 0% (over 3 years);
– income of non-residents from royalties and from the provision of consulting, marketing, engineering services, work on the creation of a data center
*** 0% VAT on the turnover of goods, works and services sold in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as on the turnover on the import of goods according to the list.

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