June 2, 2023

The law on public control will allow Kazakhstanis to check the progress of the implementation of the state budget – Yerlan Sayyrov

Now the population will have the right to directly monitor and verify the implementation of the state budget. This was stated by Majilis deputy Yerlan Sayyrov in the mobile studio of the Jibek Joly TV channel in Parliament.

“According to the Constitution, citizens regulate their rights in public administration through the President and deputies. Now, according to the law “On Public Control”, citizens will be able to directly interfere in the affairs of the state. This is a democratic mechanism. For example, there are many problems in the sphere of the internal budget, the activities of state and quasi-state bodies, especially the budgets of regions and districts. That is, how the budget is formed, who controls it. In this regard, active citizens will be able to take the initiative and check the progress of the district budget with the participation of state and competent authorities,” Yerlan Sayyrov said during an interview.

As explained by the people’s deputy, in addition to active participation in public affairs, citizens can express ideas, suggestions for solving a particular problem.

“People should know the results and quality of work at the expense of the state budget,” the deputy stressed.