October 28, 2022

Kazakhstan and Cyprus have signed agreements on the extradition of wanted persons

The press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan published the news that on October 20, 2022, a ceremony of signing agreements between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Cyprus on extradition, as well as on legal assistance in criminal cases, took place in the city of Nicosia.

The agreements were signed by the Prosecutor General Berik Asylov and the Minister of Justice and Public Order of Cyprus Stefi Draku.
The extradition treaty will allow the parties to extradite wanted persons who have committed crimes in one State and are hiding in another in order to bring them to criminal responsibility and enforce court sentences.
The Agreement on Legal Assistance in Criminal Cases will give law enforcement and special agencies of both countries the opportunity to obtain evidence of the guilt of suspects and accused, including arrest and confiscate funds and other property obtained by criminal means. The agreement will assist the work of the interdepartmental commission on illegal concentration of economic resources created on behalf of the President.
During the visit, meetings were also held with the Prosecutor General of Cyprus George Savvidis and the Minister of Internal Affairs of this country Nikos Nuris.
The sides exchanged views on a number of legal issues of international security, including the return of illegally withdrawn assets, emphasizing the importance of coordinated actions to prevent and suppress transnational organized crime, as well as in the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.
Following the meetings, the interlocutors agreed to consolidate efforts in the fight against current types of crimes, outlining further joint steps to strengthen cooperation between the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Cyprus.