December 21, 2022

Launching a company in Kazakhstan

A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a partnership established by one or more persons, the authorized capital of which is divided into shares of the sizes determined by the constituent documents; the participants of a limited liability partnership are not liable for its obligations and bear the risk of losses related to the activities of the partnership, within the value of their contributions. Exceptions to this rule may be provided by the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and this Law.

A limited liability partnership is liable for its obligations with all property belonging to it. The Partnership is not liable for the obligations of its participants.

1. If the founders are non–resident individuals of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is necessary to obtain an individual identification number (IIN) for each non–resident individual of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who will be the founder and/or head of the LLP.

Documents are required for this:

1 notarized power of attorney – original (we will compose the text)
2 copies of the passport, notarized. If there is no passport, but only Russian, then a translation into Latin will be required.
2. To register an LLP, the founder of which will be a foreign legal entity, it is necessary to assign a business identification number (BIN) for a foreign company.

To do this, you need to prepare in triplicate:

notarized copies of the constituent documents of a legal entity (the order on assuming the position of the head of a foreign company; the protocol of participants or the decision of the sole participant on the appointment of the head of a foreign company; the charter – the latest approved version);
notarized copies of documents confirming that a foreign company is a legal entity in its country of registration (certificate of state registration, extract from the commercial register and certificate of registration with tax authorities).
power of attorney from a foreign company (we will compose the text);
application for a BIN (we will send);

To register an LLP, you need documents that we will develop for you:

Decision of the sole founder/minutes of the meeting of the founders of LLP
The founding agreement of the LLP (if there are several founders)
The charter of the LLP
Order on assuming the position of the head of the LLP
Necessary information:

the name of the LLP (several options for checking for uniqueness)
the main type of economic activity
the size of the authorized capital of the LLP (minimum size = 0 tenge)
the legal address of the created LLP
tax regime (generally established or simplified)
will there be a statement on value added tax (VAT)
in which bank the settlement account of the LLP will be opened (if necessary)
The cost of registration of the LLP includes:

development of the constituent documents of the LLP, the texts of all powers of attorney;
filling out all the necessary applications for registration;
state duty;
VAT registration at registration;
checking the name for uniqueness;
production of one standard seal;
production of an electronic digital signature (EDS) on the persons involved;
support of the procedure of opening a bank account;
registration of a phone number in BMG.
The documents for opening a bank account depend on the choice of bank. The term for opening an account is from 1 to 5 working days.