March 30, 2023

Legal advice will be available through the application “E-Zan Komegi”

Through the application “E-Zan Komegi” it will be possible to receive legal advice. This was announced by Vice Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bekbolat Moldabekov at a briefing of the Central Communications Service and told about the progress of digitalization projects of the Ministry of Justice.

“The E-Zan Komegi project is designed to automate the activities of lawyers, legal consultants, online interaction with process participants and other interested parties. That is, we have developed an information system that helps citizens and lawyers. This is exactly the system that records what kind of assistance was provided by which lawyer to those persons who are entitled to it. Also now there is such a thing as “legal consultants”. In this regard, we are also finalizing this system in the first quarter so that we can receive legal advice through this system, through a mobile application,” B.Moldabekov said.

The speaker noted that there is a global trend to receive all services through biometrics. Therefore, it is planned that authorization and signing should be carried out through Face ID, so that there are no fakes. The rating of lawyers and legal advisers will be presented in the system so that citizens have a choice. For the convenience of citizens, a common call center 1414 is connected, where you can call and receive legal advice.