June 13, 2023

The Vice Minister of Justice told how the agreement on the voluntary return of assets is concluded

Vice-Minister of Justice Alma Mukanova said that an article will be introduced into the legislation giving the right to voluntary return of assets to persons involved in criminal proceedings.

“Within the framework of the bill, many strategies are prescribed to return the asset. That is, many methods are fixed by legislation. Depending on each specific situation, a decision will be made on which path will be used, based on the available material and analysis,” she said during the discussion of the draft law in the Mazhilis.

The Vice Minister also explained how the agreement on the voluntary return of the asset is concluded.

“The list also includes persons who own or control the asset. They will have rights, even if they do not participate in lawsuits. That is, they have the right to voluntarily return the asset, even if there is a criminal trial. If it is within the framework of the activities of the authorized body, it will be possible to conclude an agreement on voluntary return. We have institutions that conclude procedural agreements in civil and criminal proceedings. In civil proceedings, this will be a procedural agreement, and in criminal proceedings — a procedural agreement on admission of guilt and return,” Alma Mukanova explained.

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