June 20, 2023

Amendments related to the return of illegal assets will be made to the law “On the Prosecutor’s Office”

The Parliament adopted the Constitutional Law “On amendments and additions to the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the Prosecutor’s Office”.

The bill was presented by the deputy of the Mazhilis Abzal Kuspan. According to him, the first group of amendments is presented in the legislation related to the creation of a new authorized body in the prosecutor’s office system aimed at asset recovery. This new department is designed to mobilize the activities of the state apparatus related to the search and return of assets. Also, this authorized body performs the functions of a commission created in connection with the return of illegally acquired assets.

“The second group of amendments is related to the need for legal regulation of monitoring and analysis of information concerning the source of origin, the legality of the emergence of assets, at the level of constitutional laws. In this regard, the rights of prosecutors enshrined in the Constitutional Law, respectively, will be supplemented with new rules,” the deputy of the Mazhilis noted.

They would be the following:

1. search and asset recovery activities;

2. establishing the origin of assets, taking measures to ensure their safety, establishing international cooperation in connection with the return of assets;

3. coordination of activities and establishment of relations of authorized bodies;

4. conclusion of agreements on asset recovery;

5. issuance of petitions to the courts for security, filing of statements of claim in accordance with the Civil Procedural legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the return of illegally acquired assets to the ownership of the state;

6. implementation of other tasks and powers provided for by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and acts of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.