June 23, 2023

A new digital system of personnel selection for the government service is being implemented in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is gradually implementing a new digital system of personnel selection for the civil service. Experts believe that it will allow to qualitatively update many processes, as well as avoid bureaucracy and corruption risks. Ainur Sergazieva, Deputy Chairman of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs, told more about the system on the air of the Jibek Joly TV channel.

“Since last year, we have started the development of the E-kyzmet system, that is, the Agency previously had a personnel accounting system, since 2013 it was developed, in 2016 it was introduced and covered only personnel processes. Since March 1 of this year, we have launched a new selection for the civil service, that is, we have developed a completely new module that fully automated the entire selection process,” the speaker said.

According to Ainur Sergazieva, a citizen, being anywhere in the world, can apply for any vacancy at any time of the day.

“The system itself conducts everything, records, checks, and at the end the candidate receives a message of congratulations and signs an application for employment with his electronic digital signature. About 50 people used the system,” Ainur Sergazieva said.

Digitalization simplifies the procedure for entering the civil service for both the candidate and the personnel department. The candidate no longer needs to go to the testing hall or another district, another city. It is immediately checked by the IIN after permission to process personal data. The system automatically “pulls up” all the necessary data and documents.

“It turns out that a person fills in only what is missing. Perhaps the length of service is not specified somewhere or the place of residence has changed. The personnel service is also unloaded, it announces a vacancy at the first stage, all candidates are depersonalized, that is, the personnel service does not see which of the candidates has applied, there is only an ID assigned,” she explained.

Since March 1, the system has been launched so far in 5 government agencies: Akimat of Shymkent, Akimat of Akmola region, Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, Ministry of Trade and Integration and ADGS. The testing will take place before the end of the year and from 2024 the system will be fully launched.